Special Effects!

Buddy Guard the Movie Poster 

The film crew has been filming some amazing scenes!  Shooting starts early and usually ends in the early morning hours!  Our special effects producer, Dave Swartout, is really putting on a show!  Can’t wait to see it in the theatre!


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Filming at Rivermont Collegiate

Joey Milano plays Samantha in Buddy Guard the Movie!

Yesterday in the Quad Cities we filmed Buddy and his friends playing football at beautiful Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, IA.  Then we were up until midnight filming Buddy Guard the movie at a residence in Moline, IL.  Watch out for the ninjas!

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Race’s Blog


My name is Race Terronez. I am 14 years old and son of Angie and James. (I love you Mom and Dad!!!)

I met David (The Writer, Director, and Producer of the Movie) on a Media Camp that he held at my church in June. We made a movie called, the ‘Prodical’. I got a part as the main homeless kid in it. =)

At that point I got very interested in the Movie business. So, I decided that I needed to learn from a man that knew a great deal about movies, David. At first I simply would watch, learn, or/and do. I learned about lighting, about shadows, brightness, etc. Which, then, will come with the camera. So, with the camera, I learned about gain, focus, and zoom. I then learned about head room and the types of shots. Then in the few parts I acted in, I learned the basics of poster, speech, facial acting, and speech “control”.  Then (my favorite thing) editing!!! I learned about cutting clip, importing, exporting, fades, jumpshots, etc. I love editing.

So, after all that, David asked me to help out on the movie. Of course, I said yes. I am the A.D. (Assist Director) #2. “Scuba” Steve is the first A.D. he’s a great guy, FYI. I also am a grip, and help to edit the movie. God has blessed me greatly, and I am sooooo happy that I have been given an amazing chance to do something great for His glory. I love the Lord so much, and believe that through this movie He will do great things.

God has a plan for you too!!!

Thanks for reading. God bless.

Race Terronez

(Thanks, David, Emily, Randy, Sheila, Scuba, Mom and Dad for being there for me!)

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Welcome to our NEW Site!

Emily (Director of Photography) and Steve (1st Assistant Director)Scuba Steve here! ^_^
Hello, and welcome to our brand new site for the full length feature film Buddy Guard!  Well, after shooting for 2 weeks in Missouri and being back for 2 weeks here in the Quad City Area in Moline, Illinois, we are excited!  We have done so much in preperation for continuing shooting including (but not limited too) making lists, schedules, new business contacts, editing, and blogging!  Once in a while we take a break and sleep…maybe.  Let me tell you we have been busy busy bees.  We are hussling and bussling like madmen to prepare for shooting next week though.  Starting Sunday the 7th we will be shooting non-stop until Saturday the 13th.  Then, the following Sunday the 21st, we will be shooting a scene which involves about 200 extras! (give or take) So if you are reading this, live near the Quad Cities in Illinois/Iowa, and are interested in being in a cool new movie (there’s no pay but hey you get to be in a movie) then be sure to contact us via email or phone.  Well, this has been the first blog of the new site – we hope you are as excited as we are!  Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Peace and God Bless,
                                Scuba! ^_^

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We are filming in the Quad Cities!

We have been meeting with businesses in the area where we would like to shoot some of the scenes for the movie.  Everyone has been really supportive and the excitement is building!

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